How to Start a Career in Professional Gaming

Esports, or electronic sports, refers to the organized competition of video games. These tournaments and leagues are where the best players showcase their skills and compete for prestige and prizes. Titles such as ‘League of Legends’, ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’, and ‘Overwatch’ dominate the scene, with others like ‘Fortnite’ and ‘DOTA 2’ close behind.   Choosing […]

Comparing The Card Game and Video Game Versions of Boss Monster

The Card Game version popped in 2013 and quickly carved a niche for itself among enthusiasts of card games. The physical game consists of a deck of cards, each adorned with intriguing artwork stylized in the spirit of old-school 8-bit video games. Players tactically use these cards to build their dungeon, strategize the traps, attract […]

The Role of Streamers and YouTubers in Online Gaming Culture

Streamers and YouTubers foster communities where fans can congregate and interact with one another. Through live streams and video uploads, audiences are invited into a shared experience that transcends physical borders. The sense of community is further bolstered by chat features and comment sections, where viewers can engage with the streamers and fellow fans in […]

How Online Gaming is Becoming a Professional Sport

The dawn of the digital age in the late 20th century heralded many transformative changes across various facets of life, but few could have predicted the meteoric rise of what would become one of the most influential sectors in sports: electronic sports, or esports. During these formative years, the seeds were planted for a revolutionary […]

Tips and Tricks for Winning at Digital Boss Monster Game

Understand Your Cards Boss cards are your main characters. Each boss has unique Level-Up abilities that are activated once you have built your full dungeon. Understanding these abilities and using them at the right time is important to gaining an edge over your opponent. Rooms cards come with their individual abilities which can either attract […]

The Heroes of Boss Monster

Strengths and weaknesses of each type The brave individuals who dare traverse the dark corridors of dungeons each hail from distinct classes, inherently blessed with their strengths but also bound by their inherent weaknesses.  Fighters, clad in heavy armaments, are the quintessential bulwarks against the physical onslaughts that many dungeons present. Their ability to withstand […]

Adapting Video Game Tactics to Board Games

In considering the commonalities between video games and board games, it becomes clear that the fundamental gaming principles straddle the digital and physical divide. Both platforms offer immersive experiences that challenge the mind, often engaging players in an intricate dance of decision-making, strategy crafting, and execution that extends beyond the surface differences of their presentation. […]

Gaming as a Learning Tool

Engaging in video games offers numerous cognitive advantages, notably refining mental sharpness and problem-solving acumen. Immersed in these virtual worlds, players confront swift decisions, strategize on-the-go, and adeptly adapt to ever-evolving scenarios. Such gameplay enhances decision-making prowess. Genres like puzzle-solving and strategy games, in particular, demand intricate problem-solving strategies, nurturing critical thinking and effective solution-forming […]

Art and Design in Boss Monster

Boss Monster’s distinctive artistic direction takes players on a journey back to the golden era of video games, channeling inspiration from the unforgettable classics of the 8-bit and 16-bit epochs. The game’s art style pays homage to the nostalgia-inducing pixelated graphics, vibrant color palettes, and character designs reminiscent of the iconic heroes and villains of […]

Must-Have Cards in Your Boss Monster Deck

The Almighty Boss Cards These cards have significant health points and deal substantial damage to any hero foolish enough to cross their path. Their raw power makes them the focal point of your deck, intimidating opponents and demanding strategic attention. Each boss card introduces a distinctive skill set that can tilt the scales of the […]